In its quest to attain an effective and efficient crop securing benchmark, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) invites applications from eligible and reputable transporters to register for the provision of transportation services in the following categories:

  1. INTRA PROVINCIAL HAULAGE – This category will involve moving stock and marketing materials within a province. The following vehicles and trucks are appropriate for use under this category.
  • 4 x 4 wheel tipper trucks;
  • Small to Medium sized rugged trucks – rigid
  • 4 x 4 tractors and trailer
  • Any truck(s) suitable for rough and sandy terrain.
  1. INTER PROVINCIAL HAULAGE – This category will involve moving stock and marketing materials between provinces. The following truck(s) are appropriate for use under this category.
  • Articulated trucks with trailers;
  • Any suitable truck with carrying capacity of 20 – 30 metric tons for long haul.

The Agency will prefer as a priority to register transporter(s) with truck(s) fitted with a GPS monitoring system to be used for easy tracking of the movement of stock.

Applicants are required to provide the following information in their applications:

  1. Registered Company name with PACRA certificate.
  2. List of names of Directors with certified copies of their NRCs
  3. List of names of Transport & Logistics coordinating team.
  4. Company profile (brief history of business operations of similar works).
  5. Current Physical and Postal address.
  6. Current contact phone numbers and email address.
  7. Road Service License from Road Transport & Safety Agency.
  8. Fleet size with valid copies of truck registration white books and insurance.
  1. VAT registration certificate/tax clearance certificate
  2.  Goods in Transit insurance cover copy


Application forms may be obtained from the FRA Head Office/Regional Offices upon payment of a non – refundable fee of ZMW 150.00

All transporters currently registered and working with the Food Reserve Agency should RE – APPLY if they wish to be considered for the 2017 crop marketing season.

All application(s) clearly marked REGISTRATION OF TRANSPORTERS FOR THE YEAR 2017 MARKETING SEASON should be deposited only at FRA Regional Offices highlighted here below:


CHOMA                  KASAMA                    NDOLA                            CHINSALI

CIDA Sheds             CIDA Sheds                Bwana Mkubwa Depot           Minestone Shed

Box 630006             Box 410501               Box 71796                                     Box 440101

Tel: (213) 20314         Tel 🙁 214) 221560        Tel: (212) 651082                 Tel: (214) 560139

CHIPATA                KABWE                   MONGU                             MANSA                          

NAPSA Building       Mkuyu House            CIDA sheds                         CIDA Sheds

Box 510879             Box 80425                            Box 910255                                     Box 710394

Tel: (216) 21684        Tel: (215) 223037        Tel: (217) 221056                  Tel: (212) 821061


MONZE                    PETAUKE                   SOLWEZI                            LUSAKA

PLOT No.277            P.O. Box 560039           CIDA Sheds                        Mwembeshi Road

Livingstone Road       Off Chipata Road          Box 110255                         Box 34054

Tel: (213) 250 537      Tel: (216) 371 062        Tel: (218) 821 644                Tel: (211) 286 353

Please note that no application(s) should be deposited at FRA Head offices or else they shall be treated as invalid and won’t be considered.

Registering/registration with the Agency DOES NOT mean automatic offer of business as offers of business will be based on transporters past performance, fleet capacity and availability of stock among others.

The Closing date for receipt of application forms both Intra and Inter provincial stock/marketing material haulage is Friday 30th June 2017.

Kelvin Mukosayi

Procurement Coordinator

For and on behalf of the


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