FRA Reinforces Government’s fight against Cholera



29th December, 2017

FRA Reinforces Government’s fight against Cholera


The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has with immediate effect banned the sale of food stuff by vendors in its offices and maize storage depots countrywide.

The FRA has also advised its members of staff from Cholera affected households to avoid coming for work and immediately report to management for quick intervention.

FRA Executive Director, Mr. Chola Kafwabulula has said FRA was potentially at risk because of the huge number of seasonal staff in its employment some of whom live in Cholera hit areas of Lusaka. The FRA Cholera Awareness Alert to staff was issued today by the Human Resources Coordinator, Mrs. Beatrice Muwamba.

Mr. Kafwabulula has said that as a good corporate citizen, FRA has decided to complement Government efforts, in particular the Ministry of Health in fighting the scourge by internalizing both measures and key messages so that members of staff could see Cholera as a threat directed at them. Among other strategies employed are holding staff meetings in local languages and duplicating and giving staff tips on Cholera that the Ministry of Health is publishing in the media.

The FRA believes that the fight against Cholera can only be won, not by leaving it up to Government alone, but by concerted efforts and all people taking it upon themselves to echoe the measures and messages. Mr. Kafwabulula said that FRA believes that institutions stand to lose more in terms of time and revenue if staff were affected and hence the need to prevent the disease to ensure continuity.

The FRA employs a lot of seasonal staff who come from residential areas that are Cholera affected or prone and with a high potential of being carriers.



Daniel M’soka

Public Relations Officer

Food Reserve Agency

Contact Cell: 0977-795204


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