Deputy Board chairperson stirs staff to innovate

FRA staff recently experienced an aura of gospel sermon when the deputy board chairperson Mrs. Dora Mutakwa Phiri and Pastor Cholwe Cholwe took the 2019 FRA Planning and Budget session by storm. This was recently at Lusaka’s Cresta Golfview hotel. 

Coincidentally both speakers reminded senior staff present that FRA needed to do more so that it could reduce its dependence on Government subventions .Apparently, this message resonated with what the Executive Director, Chola Kafwabulula, had earlier alluded to.

Director Phiri strongly urged staff to remodel their thinking and operations and take FRA to another level. She said that the emphasis now by Government was more on organic growth of state owned enterprises and that FRA was no exception.

Pastor Cholwe, a renowned John Maxwell certified Speaker, Mentor and Coach, on the other hand, fired up staff with counsel for them to discard “business as usual mentality”. Pastor Cholwe said the world was changing fast and this bus carried only passengers that were adventurous and dropped off at different destinations from the previous ones.

After the peps, FRA staff went into a serious session of brainstorming options for the future which, in a matter of time, will show a changed FRA.

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