Director Mukubesa leaves FRA Board

FRA Board member director Mwaka Mukubesa has left the Agency. Mrs. Mukubesa served the Agency from 2013.During her stint she was once chairperson of the Finance Committee and member of the Food Reserve and Property Committee. 

Mrs. Mukubesa served on the FRA Board as a representative of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) from the directorate of Budget. She has now moved to the Ministry of National Development Planning and, Mr. Willis Chipango, has joined the FRA from MoF.

Last week during a Board meeting Mrs. Mukubesa officially bade farewell to the board.

“It’s difficult for me to imagine that am leaving. I enjoyed working with you all and would miss you”, said Mrs. Mukubesa.

FRA Board Chairperson Joe Simachela said it was regrettable that Mrs. Mukubesa was leaving after having worked together so well. Mr. Simachela wished her well.